Getting started with Complify



On the startpage you will see your Dashboard which gives you all the information needed on how your status at the moment.

You will be able to see:

  • any open tasks,
  • information on the documents that have been integrated since you last logged in,
  • comments from your auditors that where made since you last logged in,
  • and a lot more.


Within the Requirement tab you can see all the integrated Requirement Sets as well as the ones that are available on the platform.

This is also the space where you can integrate your own Requirement Sets/Documents.


The Document Store tab holds all your integrated Documents.

At the moment there are labels for the following types of documents:

  • Policy
  • Process
  • Procedure
  • Evidence


In the Compilations tab the Requirements and your Documents are being linked together.

Step 1 is to select which Requirement Set you want to use and set a new for the Compilation.

Step 2 is to select all the Documents you want to use for this Compilation.


You may use all your Policies, Processes, Procedures and Evidence our just a sub-set of them.

In Step 3 you will be presented with each Requirement individually on the left side.

The middle window shows the actual Documents and the individual Paragraphs within (click on the arrow next to the Document name to expand) that automatically linked to the active Paragraph.

The right window contains all the Documents that are part of the Compilation but had no Paragraphs that matched to the active Requirement.

The final Step 4 is the Compilation review. Here you can see all the connections, download the Compilation as PDF, download the full Documents-Set and, once you are happy with the Compilation, invite an Auditor.


The Audit Interface provides your Auditors with access to:

the Compilation as you see it in Step 4,

the download of the Compilation PDF,

and the download of the complete Documents Pack (only the Documents you decided to include in the Compilation).

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